Agenda Thursday 15th October 2020

Longstowe Parish Council will meet remotely via “Teams” on Thursday 15th October 2020 at 7pm for 7.15pm for the purpose of transacting the following business.

Members of the public and press are invited to address the Council at its Open Forum at 7.15pm. Please contact Barbara Cooper for a link to the Meeting: tel 07803 903047 or e-mail


47 TO SIGN AND APPROVE MINUTES OF the last meeting


49 MATTERS ARISING/TO REPORT FROM PREVIOUS MINUTES (for information only) – Council to report the following 

a) Pathway to Bourn.
b) Village Hall Wifi.
c) Rights of Way map.
d) Road drains, email 23/9/2020.
e) Byway 12 – Red House Pub west to B1046.
f) Postbox by village sign – condition.

50 MEMBERS’ DECLARATION OF INTEREST for items on the agenda


a) Invoice: Victoire Press for October Skylark printing, £69.00. 




a) Village Hall update.
b) Covid-19 village update. 
c) Old Railway Bridges in Longstowe.
d) Letter from Bourn Surgery, 2/10/2020.
e) Battery recycling.


a) Cllr Tumi Hawkins (SCDC): September Report (circulated). 
b) Cllr Mark Howell (CCC): (circulated).
Connecting Cambridgeshire launches £500K “top-up” to broadband vouchers for rural residents link.
Registration opens on solar panels offer for Cambridgeshire residents link.
South Cambs Local Plan (Greater Cambridge) interactive Site Submissions map link,
Mobile library service restarting link.

c) PCSO John Coppard: Report email 14/9/20. Remembrance Sunday 2020, email 2/10/20.

For information – details available from Clerk 

d) Papworth Team Churches Bulletins: Sept 15th, 22nd, 29th, Oct 6th link (circ).
e) Cambs ACRE: Updated information sheet for Community Buildings link (circ).
Cambs ACRE: Cambridgeshire Local Councils Conference 23/10/2020 (circ).
f) CT&PC: County’s local council sector prepares for first conference of its kind link (circ).
g) NALC: Chief Executive’s Bulletin: 18th, 25th Sept., 2nd, 9th Oct. 2020 (circ).
h) NALC: Coronavirus – Information for Parish and Town Councils 21st Sept. (circ). 
i) NALC: Rebuilding sustainable communities, webinar 28/9/20 (circ). 
j) NALC: Collaboration for health and wellbeing in local government, webinar 29/10/20 link (circ).
k) NALC: Local councils and hidden disabilities, webinar 30/10/20 link (circ).
l) NALC: Future of health challenges post COVID-19, webinar 28/10/20 link (circ).
m) NALC: Supporting mental health in your community, webinar 30/10/20 link (circ).
n) SCDC: Agenda for Weekly Bulletin Sept 16th link, 23rd link, 30th link, Oct 7th link 2020 (circ).
o) SCDC: Parish e-bulletin email 29/9/2020 (circ).
p) SCDC: Correct disposal of PPE poster (circ).
q) SCDC: Invitation to important Coronavirus update for volunteer groups and Parish Councils volunteers, from Bill Handley, Lead Cabinet Member for Community Resilience, Health and Wellbeing, email 18/9/20 
r) SCDC: Parish Council and Community Group update on Covid-19, email 25/9/2020 (circ). 
s) SCDC Tree Wardens Newsletter 9/10/20 (circ).
t) CCC: IHMC: Incident Report: September (circ). 
u) CCC: IHMC: Roadworks & events bulletin 1-15 October 2020 (circ).
v) CCC: IHMC: Highway Events Diary – August 2020 (circ).
w) GCSPS: Greater Cambridge Local Plan – First Conversation and Call for Sites – Responses link (circ).
x) GCSPS: Planning Committee Notifications, letter from Stephen Kelly, Joint Director, 23/9/2020 (circ). 
y) GCSPS: Five-year housing land supply: Planning Inspectorate Clarification, email 1/10/2020 (circ).
z) GCSPS: Planning Applications Summary: 27/9/20 (circ).
aa) GCSPS: Planning Committee Meeting Notification: 14/10/2020 (circ).
bb) Highways England: A428 Black Cat to Caxton Gibbet update link (circ).
cc) Police Neighbourhood Alert: Have Your Say on Road Safety Enforcement, email 23/9/20 (circ).
dd) Police Neighbourhood Alert: Neighbour of the Year Award 2020 Now Open link (circ).
ee) Police Neighbourhood Alert: Four County Lines Dismantled, email 28/9/20 (circ).
ff) Police Neighbourhood Alert: Car Key Burglary Warning, email 05/10/2020 (circ).
gg) Police Neighbourhood Alert: Planning Application To Build New Police Hub, email 9.10.20 (circ).
hh) Police Neighbourhood Watch: e-Newsletter: October link (circ).
ii) Police and Crime Commissioner: Newsletter: October 2020 link (circ).
jj) RSN: Rural Bulletin; Sept 15th link, 22nd link, 29th link, Oct 6th link (circ).
kk) RSN: Funding Digest: October link (circ).
ll) Various letters offering services for village hall (circulated to those Cllrs also on VH committee).

CAPALC: Cambridgeshire & Peterborough Association of Local Councils
CCC: Cambridgeshire County Council 
CPCA: Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Combined Authority
CPCCG: Cambridgeshire & Peterborough Clinical Commissioning Group.
CT&PC: Cambridgeshire Town and Parish Councils
GCP: Greater Cambridge Partnership
GCSPS: Greater Cambridge Shared Planning Service. (SCDC & Cambridge City Council)
GCSS: Greater Cambridge Shared Service. (SCDC & Cambridge City Council)
IHMC: Integrated Highways Management Centre (Highways Service)
NALC: National Association of Local Council
PCC: Peterborough City Council
PSE: Public Sector Executive
RSN: Rural Services Network
SCDC: South Cambridgeshire District Council


56 DATE OF NEXT MEETING:    Thursday 19th November 2020 at 7.15 pm.  

Signed by       Sharon Brown                                   Date        October 2020
Clerk/Proper Officer