Draft Minutes Steering Group April 4th 2022


 Neighbourhood Planning Steering Group

 Minutes of Meeting

held Monday 4th April @ 7.45pm Village Hall Longstowe



Item:   Action:
1. Present:

Chris Morton (CM) Chair, Maddy Crowther (MC) Secretary,

Bill Allan(WA) ,Pat Ayton (PA), Will Bevan (WB) ,Alex Bowden (AB)

Sharon Brown (SB),Bobbie Coe ( BCo), Barbara Cooper (BC),Steve Owen(SO),

David Waddington (DW).


Apologies for Absence :

Deborah Hoy , Louise Murden, , Simon Wade.

2. Declaration of Pecuniary Interest :

WB Noted.

3. Approval Minutes meeting 7th March 2022 & 14th March 2022 :

Necessary amendments have been made and agreed.  Minutes passed to the Chair for  approval and signature.

4. Election of Deputy Chair :

Terms of reference (TOR) indicates need for Deputy Chair. AB proposed SO, seconded by DW, agreed by all.

5. Matters arising previous Meeting :


However, mention made of the delay in issuing Minutes of the previous meeting (14th March) by AB. The Chair apologised due to pressure of external commitments.

6. Presentation of results of Village Meetings ( Afternoon Tea 25th March & Open Meeting  Saturday 26th March) :

BCo was thanked for ordering the data, pulling together the various trigger questions and other questions put up at the meetings, with the comments / stars received, into both a Word Table and Spread Sheet.

AB offered to work with BCo to start some analysis of the data to give some base Information as to where villagers might be looking for change e.g. housing, transport etc. This will be brought back to next meeting.

(This will  help us design a detailed questionnaire for the Village Survey.)


PA commented that the number of villagers turning up to the Open Meeting on Sat. 26th was disappointing and felt that the people in whom the future of Longstowe should be vested were just not there. (Across the two events no more than 45 people but SB did receive 2 emails from people who were unable to attend.) BC said that the poor response was not untypical and faced by other villages undergoing the same process. All said there was a big need to try all forms of communication to achieve maximum engagement. LM had previously indicated to PA her willingness to go door to door in the village to help.


BCo / AB by 5thMay








7. Either Neighbourhood Plan and or Community Plan- Decision Required :

CM, following discussion on the data to hand drew on the requirement to make a decision on whether Longstowe is going to follow the route of Neighbourhood or Community Plan.

BC believed the results so far suggest a strong pull towards a Neighbourhood Plan but after listening to AB, all agreed we should await the Information arising from the data analysis to make an informed choice on the preferred Plan. BC asked the questionDo villagers understand there really is not an option to do nothing?” and therefore should we have a further meeting once we have looked at the Information to hand.

Given the need for further evidence on the direction of a plan, Decision held over. Agenda Items 8,& 9, also held to bring forward next meeting












10. Planning Timetable:

AB question what appears to be very short window to complete – end of July, given other Neighbourhood Plans which have taken over 12 months to develop. BC iterated that if we do not do it now and leave until Greater Cambridge & South Cambridge Plan has been finished, we will have no opportunity to influence. The Greater Cambridge Plan is scheduled to be completed for the end of July with a six week consultation period thereafter.

It was agreed that the Timetable is a start point and that milestones moveable at this stage.









To be kept under review

11 AOB:

1. Engagement of younger villagers in deciding on the future of Longstowe:

Strong view that we must be prepared to engage on a face to face basis and use Village Facebook** and Parish website.  Also develop a flyer using a summary of the Information being pulled together by AB and BCo and distribute. AB further suggested the flyer could perhaps include an action point which had been identified during the process and now resolved.

 It was suggested by PA to make it easy we should put a post box at the Village Hall into which people be encouraged to put in their responses/ideas about the Village.

2. Communication :

A) Develop Questionnaire to be put through all doors – to include both sides of A1198*, Rolls and Red House.

B) Encourage people who live in rented property within the village (both private rental and social housing) that they do belong to the village and that their views are important in formulating the Village Plan.

C) Develop a dynamic Comms Plan based on Information and feed in as additional data is received. To include further Open Meetings. Consider external invitees?




** 302 members






*BC to speak with the Chair of Bourn Parish Council for good order & if appropriate apply to South Cambs to designate as Neighbourhood Area.

12 Date of next meeting : 9th May at 7.45pm

Meeting closed 9.20pm

Signed by :