Minutes Steering Group meeting Monday 14th March

Neighbourhood Planning Steering Group
DRAFT Minutes of Meeting held Monday 14th March @ 7.45pm Village Hall Longstowe
Item: Action:
1. Present:
Chris Morton (CM) Chair, Maddy Crowther (MC) Secretary,
Pat Ayton (PA), Will Bevan (WB), Alex Bowden (AB), Sharon Brown (SB),
Bobbie Coe ( BCo), Barbara Cooper (BC), Deborah Hoy (DH),
Louise Murden (LM), Steve Owen (SO),

Apologies for Absence :
Bill Allan , Simon Wade, David Waddington.

2. Approval Minutes meeting 7th March 2022:
A couple of minor variations around use of words on the election of Chris Morton as Chair of the Steering Group which SB as Minute taker 7th March, will attend to. Also WB mentioned that going forward we need to minute his and others, Declaration of Interest, each and every meeting. Amended Minutes to Chair for approval and signature.
3. Matters arising previous Meeting :
Invitation letter to the Village for the Open Meeting. CM offered two drafts of letter for consideration – unanimous decision to opt for a more informal style of communication with a view to encouraging people to attend a “community event” DH offered to interface invitation letter with Village Facebook. Letter to be signed by both BC and CM on behalf of Longstowe Parish Council. Originally we had hoped to address the letter to residents by name using the electoral role. In view of narrow time frame decided not to continue with this approach and merely address the letter to “Dear Neighbour” and deliver as a village flyer. (Volunteers : Pat Ayton, Louise Murden & Barbara Cooper.) MC to supply text to CM/BC by c.o.b 15.3.22, for printing and delivery by various volunteers over w/end 19/20th March

4. Open Meeting Saturday 26th March, planning of :

Before starting discussion on how the morning would run, AB sort clarification on whether the Afternoon Tea on 25th March was to be part of the Open Meeting. MC stated that the 25th is an informal gathering for which people turn up on an adhoc basis over several hours , so no opportunity to take 5 mins of the gathering to say what the Steering Group is trying to achieve. However it was suggested that as many of the Steering Group as possible come to the Afternoon Tea and merely walk round talking about the future of Longstowe in terms of the Neighbourhood Plan/Community Plan. Various members volunteered to cover Friday and / or Saturday’s Open Meeting.

BC put forward a selection of information boards together with various trigger questions to stimulate comment, with members of the Group adding their own thoughts by using post-it notes and gold stars if in agreement with others. Sample of questions : a) What would you like Longstowe to look like in 15 years? b) Why did you move to Longstowe and why do you stay? c) Is Longstowe sustainable? d) What would you most like to change in Longstowe? e) What do you most like about living in Longstowe?

BC suggested that for both 25th & 26th the Questions be put on the wall and all attendees be invited to consider and make comment utilising post-it notes and stars similar to the members of the Steering Group at the evening meeting.

Ultimately any Neighbourhood Plan will require a village referendum on a 51/49 vote basis. WB/CM/BC asked that we try and “capture” attendees. MC offered to keep a note of names from 25th & “26th on a “Keeping In Touch Sheet”. Bobbie Coe reminded the need for GDPR. An appropriate statement about data protection of personal information will be offered to anyone giving their details.

SB to keep attendee details for and on behalf of the Parish Council.

Subsequent to meeting Bobbie Coe has written up information boards to ensure thoughts from evening are retained. To bring to the meeting 4th April

Appropriate GDPR Statement by BC to MC for 25th March

SB to set up file for retaining attendee detail. Also an email address to receive any correspondence from members of the village.

5. Next Steps:
i. Steering Group to bring the information boards and attendee comments together with a view to achieving a structural approach to Community Thinking as a whole about the future of Longstowe
ii. Parish Council website to include a page covering the Neighbourhood Plan

Steering Group Meeting 4th April 7.45pm

BC to action new web page

6. AOB:
MC brought to attention of the Group outputs from a Community Support Workshop 7th March which are available on South District Cambs web site. Also included an example of survey about communities.

Date of next meeting : 4th April at 7.45pm
Meeting closed 9.25pm

Signed by :