Longstowe Property Deeds

LONGSTOWE HISTORY SOCIETY Property Deeds: … their irreparable destruction and loss of important historic material and information

Since 1990, all property and property transfers are required to be registered with the Land Registry and the paper deeds that were once a necessary part of proof of title, are then no longer needed. In consequence, a large amount of important and fascinating historic material is being lost as a result of the destruction of these deeds, sometimes by solicitors for whom they of no further value.

This is therefore a plea to all Longstowe home-owners, who still retain the deeds to their property, to copy these documents or allow them to be copied for the Longstowe Village Archive. Your deeds may at present be lodged with your mortgage provider or solicitor, or you may have them stashed away in a drawer at home. You may like to copy the documents yourself or they can be copied for you and returned immediately.

To ensure the preservation of the original documents: if your property is already registered with the Land Registry and if at some point, perhaps upon a future sale, you contemplate disposing of the original deeds, please consider lodging them with the Longstowe Archive under the auspices of the Longstowe History Society. As part of current plans for the continued upgrading of the village hall, an archive room is to be built specifically to give a home to historic documents and material pertaining to Longstowe.

PLEASE CONTACT: Jane Bowden 719737.