Minutes Open Parish Meeting 20th April 2017

Open Parish Meeting Thursday 20th April 2017 Longstowe Village Hall 7.15pm


Cllr Barbara Cooper (Chairperson)

Cllr Will Bevan
Cllr Geoff Hemmins
Cllr Ben Holland
Cllr Peter White

Bobbie Coe – Clerk

Also present: Cllr Bridget Smith, Cllr Sebastian Kindersley, Mr Richard Murden.

Tea, coffee and biscuits were served from 7.00pm. The meeting started at 7.15pm.

Minutes of the 2016 Open Parish Meeting were available.

Chairman’s Report: Cllr B Cooper gave a comprehensive report for the year 2016– 2017. A copy will be kept with the Minutes.

A handout of the unaudited accounts for 2016–2017 was presented.

Cllr B Smith and Cllr S Kindersley were thanked for their hard work on behalf of Longstowe and for their presence at most of our meetings.

Richard Murden was thanked for his work on the Public rights of way in the Parish. A copy of his Report will be kept with the Minutes. Andy Church was thanked for his grass-cutting. Michael Murden was thanked for his work cleaning the bus shelters.

The Open Meeting concluded at approximately 8 pm.